Thrivent Action Teams

You can start a Thrivent Action Team and make a difference at Bear Creek Camp!
We have a few projects coming up that are being supported by Thrivent Financial Action Teams, but have plenty more projects that need to be done!
But what is a Thrivent Action Team?
If you are a Thrivent member you can form an Action Team and help Bear Creek Camp out with various projects around camp (plus you get a free shirt!).When you apply to lead a team, Thrivent sends you $250 in seed money for project expenses as well as other resources to put your team together and turn your idea into reality.Your $250 can pay for project expenses, buy building materials, pay for food for your team, launch a fundraiser, or help buy the tools you’ll need to make your project happen!
This sounds great, how do I start one to benefit Bear Creek Camp?
  • Contact Bear Creek Camp to help choose a project that needs to be done.
  • Apply online to Thrivent to get your Action Team funded (
  • Get a team together and come on up to BCC to complete the project!
Also, remember that Thrivent Choice Dollars expire soon! Feel free to direct them to Bear Creek Camp as an easy way to help the ministry here.
Posted 02/01/2016